First week activities – visit Cardiff Museum of Welsh

I love Lucie Rie’s works. She is an iconic potter of the twentieth century. The first time I saw her works was from a programme called “Ceramics the Fragile History” produced by BBC. Her works are combined with delicate, elegant, simplicity and modernism.


Hans Coper


Sorry, I am  just curious why the British love you so much, can you tell me why Toby?


Other than good shapes and forms I also like surface decorating. It could be carving, slip decoration, sprigs decorations, painting or transfer printing.


Soft-paste porcelain, Hard-paste porcelain. Would like to know more about these materials. So amazed that they could produce such a delicate little flowers

100_2657 100_2660100_2658100_2656100_2653100_2652



These three vessels are smaller than the size of my palm. The colours and textures are so beautiful.




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