spiral wedging – through the wedging air pockets inside the clay are forced to come out. You probably will hear air pockets bursting sound in this process.



lots of grog was wedged in terra-cotta before throwing


After the piece are leather hard dry, use a damp sponge gently wipes its surface then the grog will reveal.



Crackle surface experiment by using sodium silicate (the 1st photo). Then tried to use clay slip. I wanted to create a deeper crackle surface but I think I put too much slip on it and it was too dry, so my pot end up with a real CRACK.

P1010604   P1010797 P1010802P1010805


These are my first term throwing experience.  I found out that look for supporting points while throwing is essential, from centering, opening the clay, lifting the clay, shaping the form to turning. Every stage has its own supporting point(s) and everyone is difference.



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