Dr. Mahnaz Shah- The Literal and Phenomenal

Phenomenal is intangible and conceptual and is only exists within the human mind.
It is a sense which responds to what we see and encounter. The response will be different based on the individual past experience the response will be difference.

Literal is literally the opposite of phenomenal. Literal is something which exists, as a fact and something which is visible.

In my opinion, in the art and design aspect, the ideas of artists and designers are phenomenal and their work is literal. The response from the viewers are also phenomenal.

Artists and designers should have a strong sense of perception, observation and sensitivity. They are like an interpreter who translates the world or their experience and feeling into their work by using the language of art. Their work embodies a meaning not only an object. The work itself is a literal object which we can see and touch. It stimulates the audience’s to imagination and thinking thus derives another phenomenal.

Art plays an important part in human life. It is all around us which gives motivation, inspiration and joy to our daily life. The artist use visual language to change people’s perspective of the world. Through art appreciation we have a deeper insight to our inner self.


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