Year 2 week 1

After a long summer break, an exciting 2nd year has started in the newly built building in Llandaff. Everything is settling down fine. Thanks to all the tutors and members of staff of the Cardiff Met for working so hard this summer setting up everything for the students.

Apart from the subject there will be two Field projects this year and each project runs for five weeks. In these Field projects we will have the chance to study across subjects. A new department FabLab is also located in the new building which is accredited by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is well equipped with technologies for 3D printing, laser cutting, vinyl plotting…etc. It sounds very exciting especially the 3D printing as it has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Constellation options also introduced by lecturers. As in the past year, students are encouraged to develop autonomous studying, analysing and critical writing skill, but it will be in a more profound way this year.

Options  :-

Andrew Broadey – Institutional Critique and its Legacies

Prof. Clive Cazeaus – The Metaphysics of Metaphor

Cath Davies – Goddesses and Monsters – Glamour and the Grotesque in
Visual and Material Culture

James Kent – Environmentand Soundscapes

Dr. Johnathan Clarkson – Puzzling Out Contemporary Art

Dr. Mahnaz Shah – Mannerism Art and Design Movement in between 1520 – 1580

Theo Humphiries – Understanding Humour in the context of Art and Design



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