Searching my own voice

First lecture this year with Dr. Natasha Mayo. In the lecture we were asked to think about what type of artist and what kind of genre we consider to be. Will it be formalist, functional, decorative, figurative, sculptural, time-based or installation. I think it is hard to decide at this stage. Other than throwing and some hand building experience I haven’t experienced any of them. I am very interested in various surface decorating, glazes, sprigs, painting, slip, burnishing, inlay, print transfer…etc. Although I like throwing very much, most of my ideas are related to sculpture.

” The more I know, the more I don’t know.”


Searching my own voice

  (Psychology of Art)

What kind of artist I will be?  Should I refer to myself as an artist? Should it be defined by me? I think I will leave it to the audience to decide. Whether I can become an artist is not really important, the most important of all, to me, is the satisfaction I can get through the making and to see an object has successfully made.

I always struggle to choose between functional and decorative designs. I like simple elegant shapes and forms but I am also fond of playfulness, patterns, painting and vividly-coloured designs.

In my very short art and design journey I have been inspired by several people and who may have a profound influence on my future design approach. They are Lucie Rie, Sigmund Freud, Salvador Dali and Sergei Isupov.

Lucie Rie, one of the most celebrated ceramicists in the twentieth century. Her work is imbued with elegance, simplicity and clarity. I know the name of Lucie Rie from a programme called Ceramics – A Fragile History by the BBC. I was attracted by her charm while I was watching her immersed in pottery making. She was single-minded with a staunch dedication herself to pottery.

In Freud’s theory – we are living in a moral world in which people have to hold back or restrain certain urges and desires. These suppressions are made unconsciously and they are released through our dreams. I think his theory is suitable in any art genre. As an artist and designer our work is our language which reflects our inner-self, by using a conscious forms to express the unconsciousness. His theory definitely influenced Dali’s artistic approach. Many of the latter’s paintings are reflected to his childhood memories. I was amazed by his skill and quality of imagination.

I am so fascinated by the work of Sergei Isupov. His sculpture creates the illusion of two-dimensional image and three-dimensional form. The painting on the ceramics surface is very realistic, it’s like a riddle hiding a secret message.

The surrealism of Dali and Isupov could take you into another imaginative world. It could be anything, unlimited and have no boundaries.

Please click the following link back to the formal Connecions and Object(ions) project.


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