practicing sculpting

Sculpture is one of the subjects I would like to learn. Unfortunately, it is not included in the modules. In the Positive and Negative project I tried to sculpt a face, which lacked of detail, so in my spare time I decided to give it a second go.

The basic method I used for this sculpture head is the same as the face I made. The only difference is I am going to sculpt a whole head instead of only a face.

A ball-shaped piece of clay is rolled to form the basic shape of the head, which is then joined to a short-cylindrical shape of clay, which is the neck. To form the back of the head, I pinched a bowl-shaped piece of clay then attached it to around 45 degree on the back of the head.

Take half the amount of clay of the pinched bowl to roll a thick coil then flatten one side. Attach the flattened side to the lower opposite side of the back of the head to from the chin. Then details of the face are gradually added.





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