Ceramics artists in Jingdezhen

During my visit in Jingdezhen, I was glad that I had opportunity to meet local artists, Mr. Huang Fei and Mr. Wang Xiao Lin.

Mr. Huang Fei is a self-taught artist and particularly fascinated by western art. He used to work in a tile factory as a traditional blue and white painter in Jingdezhen where he found that he wanted to break through the limitation of traditional painting and truly express himself. Then he started to experiment with his own style of painting in his free time. He combined his years’ of experience in traditional blue and white with western impressionism to create a new unique style of blue and white work.

“Home Sick” is the artist expressing his memories about the place he grew up where the beauty of nature has been integrated into a new expression.

Mr. Wang Xiao Lin who graduated from Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute. Again, the artist has been deeply affected by western art. He uses onglaze materials to create his painting on porcelain tiles. Compared with Mr. Huang, Mr. Wang’s artwork is a complete departure from the traditional style and embraces the western approach.

“Home Sick”, Huang Fei


onglaze painting by Wang Xiao Lin



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