Change the perception by the quantity

In conventional Chinese art methodology, the idea of using wood in displaying porcelain is solely for ancillary purpose. More often than not discarded it plays an unimportant part of the display. The aim of my work is to enhance the relationship between these two materials reinforcing the whole aesthetic value of the piece.

In this regard, I took the European idea of the display of porcelain pieces as a reference. Here is another inspiration (see picture below) which is a sequence of small eighteenth-century vases from the Nanking Cargo (salvaged in 1984) on one of the two panels flanking a fireplace at Glamis Castle. The brackets were designed by Melissa Wydham.

Although the vases are not large in size, they were systematically lined up and grouped together and that immediately became the focus point in the room, while the specially designed brackets echo the shapes of the vases that emphasise the delicacy and decorative effect of the vases.

Rather than displaying the objects on plinths, I have adopted this method of wall hanging. Further the objects are given a better perspective by the inversion of the wooden stands.


blue and white mounted on wall



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