Exhibition set up – 1

The layout of the degree show has finally been released. I believe every student has been allocated sufficient space for displaying their work.

While feeling excited about it, there is a lot of measurement and props needed to be made.

Since I have changed my initial idea of displaying the objects from using plinth to display them on floating shelves, there will be quite a few of floating shelves needed to be fixed to the wall. In terms of using the space appropriately, I need to know how much space will be taken up by the objects. So I have lined up two pieces of MDF, which are the same size of the wall that I am going to use, on the floor then arranged the wooden shelves I made and the objects to simulate the installation. Then I can measure up the approximate size of the space to be used and also I can cut out another piece of timber to make a panel which will be painted as a background to my pieces.

The way I display the objects is to make a panel of certain thickness attached to the wall. Again this idea is inspired by the European style which was of displaying porcelain on wall panelling. Instead of using fancy borders to form a panel, I made a panel that came out from the wall with appropriate background colour to show up the pieces. That I believe it will highlight the pieces better. Choosing the background colour was a little difficult due to the wood and the objects containing dark and light tones respectively. So I need to choose a colour that can emphasis the whiteness of the objects. A darker tone is preferred but it is essential not to disturb the natural beauty of the wood. I will consider a very dark colour which can highlight both the objects and wooden shelves or a colour lighter than the wood but dark enough to show up the objects.

mock installation


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