Exhibition set up – 2

I lined up the objects and shelves to measure the most appropriate space between each of the objects then started to draw out grid lines on the board.

Following the grid lines, I marked out the position of the wooden shelves and numbered each shelf as well as recorded their numbers on their position marks on the board. It was important to keep the middle row, where the decorated objects would be placed, at about eye level.

The next step was to carefully place masking tape by following the position marks and then measuring the pilot holes for drilling. The board is now ready for painting.

After the board was painted the masking tape could be removed and position marks were revealed. Next the shelves were installed which was the hardest job of the whole process and needed two people to hold the MDF and shelf in place on one side and another person to drill through the MDF and shelf from the other side.

In the end, the process took about three hours to finish and the panel could be put up. The result was more than satisfactory and no miscalculated measurements were made.

Even though the background board and shelves have been put up, there were marks and dust left on the board during installation and needed to be tidied up.


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